Qualities of a VA

Qualities of a VA

Now that you know it’s time to outsource (if you aren’t sure, check out our previous post!), you need to find the perfect virtual assistant to bring onboard.  

You’ve given a lot of yourself in creating your business and spent a lot of resources like time and money building it to where it is today. It’s precious to you, and it can be scary to bring someone else on board to help make your vision for the company come alive. After all, this is your dream that you’re entrusting them with. 

Because of this, it’s important to decide what you’re looking for in a VA and make sure your values and principles are aligned. Sure, you want to make a list of tasks that you’ll want accomplished and what skills they should possess, but all of these things can be easily taught to a willing VA. Values and principles are what’s ingrained in people, and are evident in their work ethic, treatment of others, and personality. It’s vital to make sure these align with you and your vision for the business.

  • Loyal & Trustworthy

A VA who is loyal and trustworthy will always strive to do their best for the company. There’s no need to worry that they will have a shoddy work performance that may affect the bottom line or that they will try to sabotage a project. A loyal VA will show up and perform to the best of their ability because they want the company to succeed and are proud to be a part of it. A trustworthy VA will get their work done, keep confidential information as such, and always be there when you need them.

  • Adaptable to Change

Heraclitus is reported to have said that “the only constant in life is change.” If there’s one thing that’s true about life, it’s that it’s always changing. Life is fluid; nothing stays the same. Something is always changing. As each day progresses, we can either adapt to these changes and let them refine us, or we can dig our heels in and try to keep things the same. 

The ability to adapt is crucial, especially in business. Business models, products, services, processes, and systems never remain the same. There is always a way to refine these things, and ourselves, so the business can become better. Find a VA who is adaptable to change so that you know they are willing to grow when the business does.

  • Can Keep Up with Trends

As life is always changing, so do the trends. What is hip and effective today might be obsolete in a year or two. Look at how much technology has grown, shaped, and changed our world; today is so much different than it was 5 years ago, largely because of the advances in technology. A VA who can keep up with the trends is a valuable asset you want on staff to keep your business current.

As you begin the hiring process for a VA, remember to look for these traits. A VA who fits this description will take your business far. They will lighten your load and truly come alongside you to make sure their tasks are helping the business thrive.


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